Technical Support

Wuhu Huaren Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.Product guarantee that:
1. advanced technology and equipment.
2. The professional training of highly qualified workforce.
3. Strict quality control measures:
   a) strictly follow the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification procedures;
   b) according to SOP procedures for production planning;
   c) reagent grade products according to GMP regulations for production planning;
   d) equipped with a conventional detection equipment and instruments, as follows:
       ◆ chemical titration
       ◆ Gas Chromatograph
       ◆ high-performance liquid chromatography
       ◆ Karl Fischer moisture determination meter
       ◆ TLC chromatography
       ◆ UV / Vis spectrophotometer

4. The experience exchanges of the application of latest products and technology.