Huaren provides the most commonly used nucleoside phosphoramidites for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and other monomers at customized services model. Huaren produces and supplies high-quality DNA phosphoramidite, RNA phosphoramidite, 2'-O-Me Phosphoramidite, 2'-F Phosphoramidite, and 2'-O-MOE phosphoramidite on a routine basis. With integrated production capability covering the whole value chain from natural nucleoside to protected nucleoside, we are able to ensure competitive costs and a secured and stable supply chain. For monomers like PMO, PNA, GNA, etc., and dimers, and trimers, we can arrange the production at different stages from lab scale to commercial supply. As an experienced pharmaceutical intermediates factory, quality and quick follow-up is our top priority and we are striving to establish a cooperative relationship of mutual benefits and create value and share value together with our customers.

Precautions of Using HUAREN AMIDITES

Precautions of Using HUAREN AMIDITES

As all of our customers are no doubt aware, phosphoramidites are moisture-sensitive. Indeed, by far the most common cause of poor performance of a phosphoramidite is the presence of moisture.

A critical component of Huaren's quality management system (QMS) is the standard operating procedure (SOP) covering packaging of amidites into vials ready to be attached to synthesizers. When a new batch of a phosphoramidite is produced and approved by QC, the most urgent task is to package it efficiently. The only way to preserve its integrity and maintain a high coupling efficiency even after months of storage, is to package this bulk into end-user vials within a few days. At this point, we use historical sales data along with information on pending orders to determine which pack sizes and vial types to elect to weigh.

We are, of course, able to do special packaging if it is in phase with our production and QC schedules.

Finally a description of our products is mentioned on the Certificate of Analysis that we provide with each product. Specific information about dissolution and special instructions are written on this Certificate, when applicable.So please do not forget to check this important information before using intermediate pharmaceutical products.


Excellent Quality Management

In compliance with GMP requirements for pharmaceutical products; DMF submission support can be provided according to customers' demand.

Capacity Flexibility

5000kg/year and can flex up quickly according to demand changes

Integrated Supply Chain

Covering manufacturing of related raw materials with secured and stable supply

Business Model Flexibility

Pure supply and customized manufacturing of modified nucleoside, protected nucleoside and other monomers which are not quite commonly used.

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