Application of Industrial Nucleosides

In 2022, Hangzhou Zhongmei Huadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. bought 60% of the company share. Leveraging the experience of the mother company in R&D, large-scale manufacuturing, quality management, Huaren establish a portfolio of modified and protected nucleoside which we can produce at large scale. We provide large volume products to CDMO companies with business in nucleosides and nucleotides and pharmaceutical companies who may use it as intermediate for APIs.

Natural Nucleosides

With decades of experience in microbial fermentation and enzymatic process, we manufacture and supply deoxyadenosine, deoxycytidine, deoxyguanosine, thymidine using enzymatic process. The HPLC purity of the product exceed 99% and the water content (KF) is lower than 1%. The capacity of each product is over 500kg/month and can be scaled up quickly according to customer's demand.

Modified Nucleosides

We manufacture and supply modified nucleosides to including 2'-OMe-nucleosides, 2'-F-nucleosides, 2'-O-MOE-nucleosides, 3'-OMe-nucleosides, 5-methyl-cytidine, 5-methyl-uridine and their derivatives. 

For 2'-OMe and 2'-O-MOE nucleosides, we produce the product at a capacity of around 1000kg/month with HPLC purity over 98%. 

For 2'-F nucleosides, we produce them using enzymatic process and chemical synthesis process to ensure competitiveness in both cost, quality and capacity. And the HPLC purity of the product is over 99%. And the capacity of the product is over 200kg/month.

Protected Nucleosides

We are open to provide nucleobase-protected and 5'-hydroxy protected nucleosides for customers making phosphoramidites. 

And the protecting groups used for the nucleobase include acyl-type protecting groups such as Acetyl, Benzoyl, Isobutyryl and other groups for fast deprotection like dmf, pac, etc. For 5'-hydroxy position, the protective goups commonly used is DMTrCl, as the protection with DMTrCl is highly selective.