2'-OMe-rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite

2'-OMe-rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite
CAS NO. 150780-67-9

5'-O-DMT-N2-isobutyryl-2'-O-methylguanosine 3'-CE phosphoramidite

As a building block of oligonucletide, 2'-OMe-G(ibu) Phosphoramidite is a 2'-modified phosphoramidite monome. Huaren can supply both the product and the associated intermediates, for example DMT-protected NS, for lab scale runs and scalable production.

Features of 2'-OMe-G(ibu) Phosphoramidite

2'-OMe-rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite is a white to off-white powder with a molecular weight of 659.62 g/mol that is commonly used to enhance oligonucleotide stability and resistance to nuclease activity. It should be stored at -20°C and is suitable for various nucleic acid-based applications due to its enhancement of binding affinity to target sequences and reduction of off-target effects. It is produced in strict standards, packaged in labeled vials, and alternatively referred to as DMT-2'-OMe-rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite, with a CAS number of 150780-67-9 and a product code of HR-00203003.

Technical Data of 2'-OMe-G(ibu) Phosphoramidite

ProductCAS NO.Product CodeMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightPurityAppearanceStorage ConditionswaterConcentrationPH
2'-OMe-rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite150780-67-9HR-00203003C45H56N7O9P869.957≥98%White to Off-white powder-20℃≤0.5%\\

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