dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite

dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite
CAS NO. 154110-40-4

5'-O-DMT-N4-Acetyl-2'-deoxycytidine 3'-CE Phosphoramidite

dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite, with a CAS number of 154110-40-4, is a trustworthy choice for oligonucleotide synthesis. It is also known as DMT-2'-dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite. The production process ensures high purity and low impurities. The compound is available in various flexible packaging options, with different quantities to choose from.

Features of 2'-dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite

2'-dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite is a reliable option for oligonucleotide synthesis with a CAS number of 154110-40-4 and a synonym of DMT-2'-dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite. The manufacturing process is tightly controlled for purity and minimal impurities. Flexible packaging options are available, with different sizes of packaging available.

Technical Data of 2'-dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite

ProductCAS NO.Product CodeMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightPurityAppearanceStorage ConditionswaterConcentrationPH
2'-dC(Ac) Phosphoramidite154110-40-4HR-00201005C41H50N5O8P771.852≥98%White to Off-white powder-20℃≤0.5%\\

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