rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite

rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite
CAS NO. 147201-04-5

5'-O-DMT-2'-O-TBDMS-N2-isobutyryl-Guanosine 3'-CE phosphoramidite

rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite (CAS NO. 147201-04-5) is a modified building block commonly used in the solid-phase synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides. It is a guanosine nucleoside modified with a tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) group protecting the 3'-OH group and an isobutyryl (ibu) group protecting the N2 position. The phosphoramidite group is attached to the 2'-OH position of the nucleoside.

Features of 2'-TBDMS-G(ibu) Phosphoramidite

To achieve excellent quality and dependability, 2'-TBDMS-rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite, commonly known as ibu-rG Phosphoramidite, is manufactured using regulated procedures. Its CAS number 147201-04-5 and product code HR-00202003 make it appropriate for oligonucleotide synthesis, particularly when stability and nuclease activity resistance are required. It may be utilized in a variety of nucleic acid-based applications, including gene design, genome editing, antisense oligonucleotides, and siRNA, as well as CRISPR-cas9 gRNA.

Technical Data of 2'-TBDMS-G(ibu) Phosphoramidite

ProductCAS NO.Product CodeMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightPurityAppearanceStorage ConditionswaterConcentrationPH
2'-TBDMS-rG(ibu) Phosphoramidite147201-04-5HR-00202003C50H68N7O9PSi970.193≥98.5%White to Off-white powder-20℃≤0.5%\\

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