2'-F-dA(Bz) Phosphoramidite

2'-F-dA(Bz) Phosphoramidite
CAS NO. 136834-22-5

5'-O-DMT-2'-Fluoro-N6-Benzoyl-2'-deoxyadenosine 3'-CE phosphoramidite

2'-F-dA(Bz) Phosphoramidite (CAS NO. 136834-22-5) is a nucleoside-containing molecule used in the solid-phase synthesis of DNA oligonucleotides. It is a deoxyadenosine nucleoside modified with a 2'-fluoro (2'-F) group and a benzoyl (Bz) group attached to the 5'-OH position. The phosphoramidite group is attached to the 3'-OH position.

Features of 2'-F-dA(Bz) Phosphoramidite

2'-F-dA(Bz) Phosphoramidite is a high-quality and reliable option for modifying the 2' position of the ribose ring in oligonucleotides. This phosphoramidite is classified as a 2'-F phosphoramidite, with DMT-2'-F-dA(Bz) Phosphoramidite as its synonym and a CAS number of 136834-22-5. Its benefits include increased stability and resistance to nuclease activity, making it suitable for various nucleic acid-based applications such as antisense oligonucleotides, gene design, and CRISPR-Cas9 gRNA. It is produced to stringent standards to minimize impurities and is packaged for ease of use in oligonucleotide synthesis.

Technical Data of 2'-F-dA(Bz) Phosphoramidite

Product CodeCAS NO.Product Molecular FormulaMolecular WeightPurityAppearanceStorage ConditionsWater
136834-22-52'-F-dA(Bz) PhosphoramiditeC47H51FN7O7P875.939≥99%White to Off-white powder-20℃≤0.3%

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