2'-F-dG(ibu) Phosphoramidite

2'-F-dG(ibu) Phosphoramidite
CAS NO. 144089-97-4

5'-O-DMT-2'-Fluoro-N2-isobutyryl-2'-deoxyguanosine 3'-CE phosphoramidite

2'-F-dG(ibu) Phosphoramidite is commonly used in the synthesis of modified oligonucleotides and plays a crucial role in the development of biologically active oligonucleotides with improved properties, including nuclease resistance, solubility, and bioavailability.

Features of 2'-F-dG(ibu) Phosphoramidite

2'-F-dG(ibu) Phosphoramidite is a high-quality and dependable choice for oligonucleotide synthesis. It is a 2'-F phosphoramidite with the CAS number 144089-97-4 and a synonym of DMT-2'-F-dG. (ibu) Phosphoramidite. This phosphate alteration has advantages such as enhanced stability and resistance to nuclease activity, making it appropriate for nucleic acid-based applications such as antisense oligonucleotides and gene design, including CRISPR-Cas9 gRNA. This phosphoramidite is manufactured to strict purity and impurity requirements, and it is packaged for simple usage in oligonucleotide synthesis.

Technical Data of 2'-F-dG(ibu) Phosphoramidite

Product CodeCAS NO.ProductMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightPurityAppearanceStorage Conditionswater
HR-00204003144089-97-42'-F-dG(ibu) PhosphoramiditeC44H53FN7O8P857.921≥99%White to Off-white powder-20℃≤0.3%

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